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Оценка: Seaweed — Discography (1991 — 1998)

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Albums / Альбомы:
  1991 Despised (192kbps)01 Selfish
02 One Out of Four
03 Rethink
04 Stale
05 Bought It
06 Sit In Glass
07 Installing
08 Patchwork
09 Inside
10 Lovegut  1992 Weak (128kbps)01 Recall
02 The Way It Ends
03 Baggage
04 Stagger
05 Taxing
06 New Tools
07 Bill
08 Clean Slate
09 Shut Up!
10 Squint  1993 Four (160kbps)01 Losing Skin
02 Card Tricks
03 Chalk the Cracks
04 One Inch Punch
05 Kid Candy
06 Oversight
07 Turnout
08 In Fairness
09 Wait for the Fade
10 Metal Gazer
11 Your Privilege  1995 Spanaway (128kbps)01 Free Drug Zone
02 Crush Us All
03 Start With
04 Common Mistake
05 Magic Mountainman
06 Saturday Nitrous
07 Undeniable Hate
08 Defender
09 Assistant (To the Manager)
10 Punchy (The Clown)
11 Not Saying Anything
12 Last Humans
13 Peppy’s Bingo  1998 Actions and Indications (192kbps)01 Antilyrical
02 Thru The Windows
03 Hard Times
04 Steadfast Shrine
05 Red Tape Parade
06 What Are We Taking
07 Warsaw
08 Against The Sky
09 In The Middle
10 Let Go
11 Stay Down

  BioIn their early days, Seaweed was signed to Washington’s Sub Pop,[1] but later released albums on Hollywood Records and Merge Records. Seaweed’s contemporaries during the time of their existence included Mudhoney, Samiam, Jawbreaker, and tourmates Superchunk and Quicksand. Their song «Kid Candy» was featured as a music video in an episode of Beavis and Butt-head.

The band toured extensively in the United States with Green Day, Superchunk, and Bad Religion, as well as overseas, including shows in Brazil with Garage Fuzz and others in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. They were well known for their cover of Fleetwood Mac’s «Go Your Own Way», which appeared in the movie Clerks. In 2006, their song «Losing Skin» appeared on the soundtrack for the video game NHL 2K7.[2]

On May 15, 2007, the band announced, via MySpace, that they had reformed and were writing a new album, tentatively titled Small Engine Repair. They also announced several live dates. Neither the album nor the tour came to pass, but in 2011 the band did release a 7-inch single on the punk record label No Idea, titled «Service Deck» / «The Weight». Frontman Stauffer works as a nurse in Northern California and has said «It’s hard to play a show because it hurts me physically. I only have one show in me. I can’t do two.»




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