Категория: Музыка
Год: 1995
Стиль: Grunge
Страна: Швеция
Формат: 128 mp3
Размер: 50.75 MB
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Оценка: Sharp Nine – Untimed

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Модерация: Проверен пользователем FuneralWolf
Length / Продолжительность: 00:55:21

Tracks / Треклист:
01 No Titles Free
02 Nerverchange
03 With My Friend Undertow
04 Flowerborn
05 Unload
06 Miles of Running
07 Crowned and Stained
08 New Song
09 Courageous
  BioFormed in Sweden in 1993, Sharp Nine consist of Jesper Starander (vocals), brother Joacim Starander (guitar), Andreas Jonasson (guitar), Dan Hansson (bass) and Frederick Lindehall (drums). After first honing their live set on popular hard rock covers they set about writing their own material, with all the members contributing to the songwriting process. After a heavy performance schedule in and around Stockholm, the group began work at Radiostudio 12 on their debut album. Produced by the band with Tommy Korge, the finished result owed much to the Seattle grunge boom, though there were also trace elements of industrial music and more conventional rock pop.



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