Категория: Музыка
Стиль: Experimental Metal
Страна: Россия
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Размер: 324.56 MB
Раздал: xristoforos73   
Оценка: Spherus — Discography

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Добавлено: 16/05/2018 21:40:13
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Сид был: 16/05/2018 23:04:27
Модерация: Проверен пользователем xristoforos73
Albums / Альбомы:
  2016 — Ultralithic Blasturion01 Conceiving Of Being
02 Metamorphical After Reduction
03 Prick In Textile Of Mind And Spirit (feat. Freiheit)
04 Relict Biobags For Molecular Pods
05 Forged In Massive Cosmic Battles (feat. Gloria Lebedini)
06 Sending Reflections To Primitive Form
07 Incubation Among Swamp Gas
08 Timeless Opened Illuminators (feat. Черный Ящик)
09 Food Chain And Scattered Beans
10 Space Hamsters Under Attake
11 From The Depths To Salvation
12 Consumed By Andromeda’s Swarm (feat. Steamer)
13 Run Away From Dangerous Planets
14 Persecution Within Neuroplankton
15 Laughing Of The White Dwarf (feat. Cotard’s Syndrom)
16 Form Blessed From Stator To Rotor
17 Night Running Somnambulist
18 Secret Laboratory Of Bacteriofagus (feat. Nansy Francis)
19 Unexpected Wonderful Mutation
20 This Rock Is No Progress  2018 — Condemned To Existence01 Last Ticket From The Starport (feat.Aquarius)
02 Conversation Between Old Trilobites
03 Rememberence About Cave Of Platon
04 Global Genotrophic Reconstruction
05 Landing On The Fields Of Orenburg (feat.Магра)
06 Spacesuit For Bacterium Voyager
07 Into The Conundrum Of Deinosuchus
08 Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (feat. Дама Червей)
09 Rudimental Cryptoplanetar Frequencies
10 Hybrid Signals From Ion Repository
11 Black Tentacles Of Subconsсious (feat.Psybiria)
12 Poisoned Hypnotism And Desolation
13 Object № 29831041039487032
14 Gifts Behind The Mask Of Sargon (feat.Темперамент)
15 Paradoxes Around The Nothingness
16 Bucephalus Follow To Extensive Way
17 Triptych — Ornaments Of Revelation (feat.Радиоавгуст)
18 At The Gates Of Postmodernism
19 Power Exults In Our Majestic DNA
20 Shining Crystals Of Life (feat.Devil’s Elixir)

  Members:Spherus — Everything




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